Brands jumping on the meme bandwagon

Unless you’re living in a cave with no WiFi, you’ve probably heard of the Storm Area 51 Facebook event.

The whole thing garnered a lot of traction and as per the lifecycle of popular Internet phenomena it became a meme.

As it was expected, brands like Bud or Lego tried to capitalize on the popularity of the meme; people tried to sell merchandise; even Lil Nas X released an Area 51 video of his hit “Old Town Road”.

Obviously, this is neither the first or last time that a company will try to gain free publicity by taking advantage of an Internet phenomenon.

But before you do it as well, step with caution. Does the meme really relate to your brand and audience? Are you obviously using it as a way to sell products? Remember, people are not stupid; and people online can smell your salesy spiels from miles away.

Moreover, avoid at all costs being the old uncle who thinks he’s cool because he’s wearing a trendy piece of apparel.

Image result for steve buscemi skateboard meme

If your brand has nothing to do with the meme, don’t make a fool of yourselves.

Stick to what you are and be true. Always.