Tools to see what’s trending on the Internet

Sometimes you need some inspiration for your content and your SEO strategy or you just want to be trendy and see what’s hot right now on the Internet.

The tools that I find more useful for this are the below ones but remember that following popular websites (e.g. BuzzFeed) also helps you find out the current trends.

Google Trends: The company that has the data for the most searches on the Internet can’t go wrong with what’s trending. I really like the “Trending Searches” tab which shows you what’s been trending every day or even right now.

You can filter by categories like Sports or Business and there are links with relevant news articles below each trending search.

Twitter Trends: This site gathers the major trends on Twitter by country. Similar to Google Trends it groups Twitter hashtags based on when they were trending. Just click on one of them and see all the relevant tweets.

YouTube Trends: The biggest video content website on the planet – once again owned by Google – provides the hottest videos right now. By default, it will give you the trending videos for the country that you are in. There are also categories like Gaming or Music which are pretty big on YouTube.

Reddit Trends: Reddit can legitimately claim that it might be the place where Internet trends are born. Some of the threads are really niche but it pays off to spend some time and find the next big thing on the Internet.

Hope this was helpful. It initially started as an answer on Quora.

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